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Corrosion Control Guide

Product selection guide to Daubert corrosion protection liquids, coatings and powder products.  Corrosion solutions for industrial applications.  Proven quality products trusted by manufacturers worldwide since 1948.   "The Leading Name in Corrosion Protection"

Foil Laminated Vapor Barrier Packaging

Water vapor, oxygen and contamination barrier packaging.  Tri-laminated sheets or custom made bags of PET, PE and Foil sandwiched together in a thin film 4.5 mil thick.  Meets Military specifications Mil B 131 H Type 1 Grade A.  Heat sealable and flexible.  Excellent for packaging powders, chemicals, oxygen and water vapor sensitive components such as pharmaceutical packaging.  Maintains RH (relative humidity below 40%) inside the package.

Metal Protection VCI Selection Guide

Choose the right VCI product for your type of metal and atmospheric conditions.   A handy guide.

VCI Powder For Corrosion Control

VCI powders are ideal for the corrosion prevention of tanks, tublars, circulating water systems, short & long term dry or wet lay up of equipment and hydrotesting.  Kpr distributes VCI powders of several different grades and for different types of metals and combinations of metal types.

VCI Temporary Removable Coatings

VCI coatings provide short,  medium and long term corrosion protection.   If required they can easily be removed after shipping or storage.

Mil Spec and NSN (Nato Stock Number) Products

Military approved products with military specifications, Qualified Product Listings (QPL) and/or NSN number products available for sale for industrial corrosion control.

Emitter FAQ

What is an emitter?  What can it do for me?  How do they work? How long do they last? What are they used for?  How does an emitter prevent corrosion?  Where to buy VCI emitters?  These questions and more answered here.

Plastic VCI Packaging

Custom food grade, industrial grade and VCI plastic to protect your metal products from the damaging effects of rust and corrosion. VCI paper packaging and custom made packaging.

VCI Paper

VCI Paper in stock or custom made sizes.  VCI paper in 35# or 65# kraft paper impregnated with VCI corrosion control for the corrosion free shipping or storage of your metal parts.

Protection For Electrical Systems & Computers Equipment

Yes we can prevent corrosion in electrical and electronic applications. VCI emitters prevent corrosion in electrical panels and electronics for up to two years in an enclosure. Used by the US & Canadian Military, NASA, BC Telephone, Motorola, General Electric, Hibernia Oil, Shell Oil Company, Caterpillar, British Petroleum in the harshest conditions of a corrosive environment.

News VCI Products

We are adding new products every month to meet the ever changing and growing needs of our progressive customers. These pages will keep you up to date. Electrical systems, computers, hydro boxes, machine control panels, mil spec materials and other situations. Protection in atmospheres of up to 100 % humidity in the presence of dis-similar metals. Hydrogen Sulphide?--we can protect your metals in that environment too.

Boiler Water Treatment Corrosion Protection

Boiler water treatment and specialty water chemical products for storage, scale prevention, corrosion control and rust prevention. Cooling Tower lay up and long term storage.

Water Treatment Web Site

A site dedicated to protecting cooling towers, water and steam boilers, cooling systems, process industry cooling and more. Large cavity, tank and pipe corrosion protection too.

Hydrotesting Additives

Need to hydro test your system and provide short term to medium term corrosion protection while you perform the regular testing? Corrosion control for cooling systems, wet lay up and boiler treatment. This link contains a chart and application guide for Hydrotesting your equipment.

VCI Powder

VCI powders are ideal as water additives, dry or wet lay up of process water equipment or long term storage of tanks, vessels and enclosed cavities

Mothballing & Long Term Storage

Find all the information on long term storage and/or lay up of your plant equipment, systems and more. Contact Kpr Adcor Inc. Toll free 1-866-577-2326. Preserve and protect plant and equipment from corrosion and rust with the right VCI product for the application.

Rust Removing Liquid & Gel Formulations

Safe biodegradable rust removing liquid, Evaporust rust remover and more. Choose a rust remover that best suits your current requirements.

Slide Show Presentations

Presentations on the proper selection, use and ease of corrosion protection using VCI products.

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