Biodegradable Products

Biodegradable Rust Remover

Biodegradable, Non-hazardous rust remover. Remarkable rust removal solution so safe it can even ship by AIR!

Safe on skin (neutral pH material)
Acid Free (NO acid)
Neutralizing NOT required
Solvent Free (NO solvent)
Used extensively in home, industrial & military applications
Military Aproved NSN 6850-01-498-3625
Rapidly removes corrosion in minutes
Non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-fuming, odorless rust remover


Biodegradable & Conventional Industrial Degreasers 

Heavy Duty Powder Degreasers, Biodegradable metal cleaners for Iron & Steel and yellow metals.

Biodegradable Corrosion Inhibitor Powder

Easy to Use VCI-1 Powder Corrosion Protection VCI Powder is applied by either blowing with conventional air blasting equipment or other methods using compressed air. Can be applied by sprinkling of VCI powder, rinsing or dipping metals in a solution of VCI powder & water, hydrotest solution, metalworking fluids, coatings, adhesives and water treatment formulations.

Biodegradable Poly Products

KPR provides custom made biodegradable poly film sheeting and bags available by special order. More information about the Maverick Green biodegradable plastic can be found at this link: Biodegradable Plastic.

Kpr Adcor Inc. has been marketing and selling biodegradable lubes and biodegradable industrial products since 1997.  Online sales since 2000.  Visit our online store for more product information.

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