VCI Delivery Systems

Methods of VCI Product Application

Fog, Spray, Coating, Additive, Insert, Attach, Automatic dispense, Brush, Blow in with air, Dispersion, or Packaging

When we think of VCI most people are familiar with VCI packaging such as VCI poly bags and VCI paper. What most people do not realize that there are many more VCI products and methods to provide corrosion protection to plant and equipment. Packaging is often used for the storage and transit of parts to provide corrosion protection. Other VCI liquids, coatings and powders are used to protect equipment in use in plant, long term storage, process water, degreasing operations, seasonal shutdown of equipment, deburring operations, metal cleaning, pipeline corrosion protection, tank and silo protection, sensitive electronics, electrical systems, switchgear,  and many other situations where corrosion is a problem.

Our VCI delivery systems offer practical, economical breakthroughs for the protection of metal parts and products. innovative use of VCI Corrosion Inhibitors makes these treatment methods possible. VCIs are uniquely formulated for each type of delivery system. Whether liquid, powder, impregnated foam or plastic, VCI formulations makes use of modern technology for effective and economical corrosion protection. The creative use of VCI technology offers improved protection even for conventional rust control and corrosion protection applications (brush, rubber blade, dip or spray).


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