VCI Packaging Descriptions

with VCI Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors

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VCI Multi-metal Bags & Film

Unique true vci   Transparent plastic film, sheet and bags with VCI for multi-metal corrosion protection.   Heat sealable. Also available in vci zipper bags, vci gusset bags, vci tubingfilm on roll, vci stretch film, vci heat shrink film and custom made vci film or bags to your sizing requirements.  Conforms to MIL-B-22019 and MIL-B-22020.  Recyclable VCI poly film.

Several standard sizes and custom made sheet, film or bags to suit your requirements:

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ESD (Electrostatic Dissipating  Film and Bags

Static charge protection for sensitive electronic components and parts. Meets military specification Mil PRF-81705 for static control.

Read about how electrostatic discharge can damage your equipment.  Solution use our anti-static packaging bags and film to protect your electronic parts and equipment.


VCI Impregnated Foam Shapes and VCI Packaging Inserts

VCI- impregnated foam shapes, rectangles, circles and squares for ferrous and non-ferrous protection. Available in a variety of sizes. Nitrite-free, non-toxic, non-polluting.  Our VCI foam contain TEN (10) times the VCI corrosion protection strength of VCI plastic or VCI paper.  VCI emitter foam provides effective VCI (vapor corrosion protection).  VCI impregnated foam combines the cushion of a foam with the corrosion control of VCI

Standard VCI  foam pads, adhesive backed VCI emitters and custom made sizes available

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VCI Corrosion Protection Paper

Multi-metal, Ferrous Metals, Military Grade  and Specialty Metals VCI Paper are available in several grades of stock rolls, cut sheets and custom made to order sizing including:



Silver Guard Poly for Tarnish Protection of Silver and Noble Metals

Reusable, re-closable Silver-Guard zipper bags for storing their precious silver items.  It is non-toxic, recyclable and you can see the item inside without opening the bag.  Silver-Guard works by removing all sulfide vapors from within a closed environment. The chemicals in Silver-Guard react with the vapors to eliminate the sulfide, and therefore eliminate the risk of tarnish.


VCI-2000 Poly Wire For Pipe Corrosion Protection

Effective VCI Corrosion Protection.  Low density, polyethylene wire, contains VCI. Designed for the protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys.  Used for the corrosion protection of pipes up to 6 inches in diameter.
Package: 500 ft. or 2500 ft. of 1/3" diameter pipe strip wound on a spool.


VCI Emitters

Unique VCI  Protects delicate electronics, electrical, switchgear and virtually any enclosed space or package from corrosion.  Available in a variety shapes and sizes.  VCI Emitter Store


Extruded VCI Film on Rolls

VCI polyethylene film available in 36 inch, 48 inch and more sizes in stock. Protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion.  Excellent vapor barrier.
Available in standard roll stock, sheeting and custom made sizes by request.


VCI Pouch Inserts

VCI emitting pouches ideal for use as inserts inside of packaging where multi-metal corrosion protection is required.  Each pouch is filled with multi-metal VCI. For applications where powder contamination is not acceptable.
Available in standard and custom made sizes by request.


VCI Stretch Film

Unique exclusive patented true vci holds protected parts securely in place. Transparent.  Leaves no residue on protected parts. Multi-metal corrosion  protection.  Available in machine and hand wrap grades.  Recyclable.
Great for replacing strapping & providing corrosion protection in one easy cost saving step.  Click here for steel coil and slit steel product information.
Available in standard  and  custom made sizes.


Foil Laminate Triple Layer MP Barrier Film

Aluminum triple laminated film designed for the additional protection of moisture-sensitive and oxygen-sensitive equipment parts. Can be combined with multi-metal VCI and/or VCI emitters for best results.  Provides the best in moisture prevention properties of barrier films. Ideal for vacuum packaging of large and small parts.  Conforms to Mil B-121 Type 1 Class 1 for vapor barrier film.
Sizes: 36 Inch wide x 200 yd, 48 Inch wide 200 yd and Custom made bags


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