Cooling Tower Lay-up

When it comes to seasonal lay-up, most conventional methods fall far short of providing:

  • Ease of Application
  • Cost Savings Benefits
  • Minimal Environmental Impact
  • Workplace Safety for the Operator

Corrosion Protection Conventional Methods

Conventional seasonal lay-up programs often use a nitrite based, nitrogen purge or oil .  These methods often do  not provide:

  • Uniform Coverage
  • Ease of putting the equipment back online
  • Ease of Disposal
  • Compatibility with other materials

The single most important disadvantage of conventional lay-up products is that they are strictly contact corrosion inhibitors CCI

Contact Corrosion inhibitors protect only the areas that come into direct contact with the metal.  In cooling systems this would mean that the overhead spaces, crevices and other to reach spaces are left unprotected. The 'unprotected' areas of the system tend to corrode during down time.  Extensive cleaning is required with conventional chemicals before putting the system back into service.


VCI Water Treatment and Lay Up Products or VCI Powder Corrosion Inhibitors

VCI work place and environmentally safe, inexpensive and easy to use products that are superior to conventional methods

Our Rust Protection VCI Products Eliminate the need for Hazardous Chemicals

VCI-1 Powder, VCI-1010 Powder & V-848 Powder are three powder products that contain Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor  VCI process treatments, hydro-test solutions and VCI powders are perfect for seasonal or long-term lay-ups. VCI consist of blend of compounds that sublimate and create a protective VCI environment in the system. VCI's are adsorbed onto all the enclosed metal surfaces and form a corrosion protective mono-molecular layer. These protect both the anode and cathode sites of the metal surface. (See illustration

VCI Corrosion Protection Products are Superior to to Conventional Products

Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors VCI's protect metals both in the  in liquid phase AND the vapor phase.  VCI's attach to and are transported by water and vapor to the metal surface. They provide corrosion protection to all areas that come into contact with air, inside the vessel. This is significantly more effective corrosion protection then conventional contact corrosion inhibitors.

VCI's are multi-metal formulations that protect various metals including galvanized steel.

Methods of application:

Dry Lay-up:

  • Fog VCI powder-1 or VCI-1010 into the cooling tower or boiler to begin corrosion protection.

Flushing Lay-up:

  • Use VCI powder in the water and flush through the system. Drain the treated water and lay-up the tower.

Wet Lay-up:

  • Add VCI powder to the water in the system. Allow it to circulate for 2 hours up to several shifts. Shut down the system.



VCI Corrosion Inhibitor POWDERS provide the following features:

  • Biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. Does not contain nitrites, phosphates, chromates or heavy metals.
  • Economical (100% effective) way of protecting cooling towers during seasonal lay-up periods or long term shutdown.
  • Saves money and labor by eliminating the use of expensive cleaning chemicals while effectively protecting the cooling water system against corrosion.
  • Protects in the vapor-liquid and interface by incorporating proprietary VCI technology.
  • Readily water-soluble.
  • Multi-Metal and/or Metal Specific Corrosion Protection

Protecting a cooling tower properly during a lay-up period is an important aspect of cooling tower operation. It can improve efficiency of the system during the operation, save time and money if applied properly.

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