Corrosion Control Slide Shows Technical Guidance

Technical Methods and Proper Use of Corrosion Control Products for Transit and Storage of Parts and Equipment

Downloadable files of corrosion protection methods for the proper use to attain the best anti-corrosion results from our VCI products. How to use a single VCI product or combination of anti-corrosion products depending on the application. A few helpful guides for shippers of manufacturerd parts and equipment. Shippers, freighters, craters will find these tutorials and presentations helpful in designing the corrosion control program for various types of applications and shipping environments.


Corrosion Control Packaging Design Considerations Courtesy of Daubert VCI Inc.

Downloadable adobe file, explains How VCI works in various packaging design configurations for corrosion protection. This demonstration illustrates how VCI paper interleave, (optional VCI emitters) and a VCI poly vapor barrier work together to evenly distribute the protective VCI corrosion protection through the package. Contains a few of the do's and don'ts of packaging for corrosion control.

Daubert VCI Paper and other corrosion protection products are available from KPR Adcor Inc.


Packaging Design Considerations With VCI Emitters

When packaging parts inside a large "pack" it is important to package the parts in a manner that will minimize the occurrence of corrosion. Properly packaging items with VCI film and VCI emitters when necessary, especially for overseas shipments, can provide the best corrosion free results. Poorly designed "packs", crates or boxes can result in corrosion problems in the centre of the package.  See corrosion control packaging considerations for details of how to package materials properly to minimize corrosion.

This short file demonstrates one of the methods of corrosion protection by combining VCI poly with VCI emitters to ensure the inside of the package remains corrosion free. This is especially useful where the packs, crates or boxes are large and the part dimensions are irregular. This method of packaging is also very successful when packaging parts for extended periods of storage. It provides additional points of emission for the vapor corrosion inhibitor.

VCI Emitter example file showing how VCI emitter disks can be used inside of dense packs to control corrosion where there is a large surface area. Dense packages containing large metal surface areas require more VCI corrosion protection than what is provided by a standard VCI bag.


VCI Emitter FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers about VCI emitters used for the corrosion protection of electronic components, enclosed spaces and the emitter properties of VCI paper, VCI film, VCI poly sheets, VCI heat sealable bags, VCI zipper bags and VCI gusset bags. The issues discussed here also apply to all our VCI products.


VCI Emitter Long Term Accelerated Test Results

Long term accelerated humidity testing of carbon steel protected by our VCI emitter disk.  After nearly 4 years of being subjected to high relative humidity and cycling of temperatures our test coupon is corrosion free. A three page report with pictures of the actual coupons tested.


Export Packaging & Shipping Solutions

Export shipments are the most vulnerable step in your parts and/or equipment distribution chain.  Avoid costly rejects and warranty claims.  Use proven Corrosion prevention technology, VCI paper, VCI plastic or a combination of VCI packaging film, paper, emitter foam, emitter disc inserts and nontoxic corrosion inhibitors to deliver your parts rust and corrosion free--every time.  Save money,  add value and provide customer satisfaction to your customers.


Silver Guard Anti-Tarnish Zipper Bags for Noble Metals

Silver Guard zipper top bags provide tarnish protection to sensitive electronic components, silver parts, jewelry and items made from noble metals.  Click on the heading above to watch the slide presentation.


Boiler Water Treatment and Corrosion Control

Put a stop to the rust and corrosion that is scaling up inside your pipes, tubulars and boilers.  Use our VCI products and compounds to keep your boiler operating corrosion and free.

This slide show presentation also discusses various corrosion protection methods for seasonal or long term boiler and water system equipment shutdown.  VCI product selection for a dry or wet lay up of your water boilers, fire-tube boilers and other water handling structures.  Cooling towers and other systems explained can be found here.


VCI Spray Products

Environmentally safe home, shop and plant maintenance products.  Effective rust preventatives and temporary coatings, rust control and maintenance products.  Click here for the downloadable Nox-Rust Aerosols Brochure


Metalworking Liquids Catalog

Corrosion Preventatives liquids catalog with short descriptions to help determine the right selection of corrosion inhibitor for your for drilling, turning, lubricating, storing and shipment of metals.  Additional selection assistance can found at this form:  VCI selection assistance.


Electronics Corrosion Protection Primer

Galvanic and dissimilar corrosion eliminated with our electrical corrosion inhibitor products.  VCI adhesive backed vapor corrosion inhibitors for electronics and electrical systems, vci foam inserts and ElectroSpray corrosion protection data sheet.


Aluminum Laminate Vapor Barrier Foil Bags

Zero atmosphere barrier packaging construction of poly, foil and pet.  Click on the header above to watch the slide show.  Combined with VCI emitters or VCI inserts and a light negative vacuum provides the ULTIMATE in corrosion protection.


Rust Remover Safe to Use Biodegradable Solution Removes Rust

Evaporust Rust Remover was the first safe non-acid, non-hazardous biodegradable liquid rust remover.  Mild on human skin, effective rust remover.  An illustrative slide show with methods, instructions and overview of the features and benefits of using water based rust removers. 

These instructions and benefits apply to the use of all our safe rust removers.

Our Safe rust remover removes deep rust on all types of mild steel and iron. Our KPR Rust remover is water based and does not require any special equipment or personal protective wear. Non-corrosive to steel and safe for corrosion removal on brass, copper, aluminum, gold, lead, titanium, steel, cast iron and solder points.

Military Rust Removal at Fort Hood   Rust Removal Photos   Rust Remover FAQ   How to Use   Where to buy


Military Corrosion Protection World Wide

Military tanks, jets, power stations, electronic equipment, weapons, jeeps and other tools and equipment are always dry, clean and ready to use while being protected by VCI vapor corrosion inhibitor systems.  Nontoxic, recyclable and biodegradable corrosion protection in use by armed forces world wide.

Customer Application Photos

Customer photos using corrosion control products from KPR Adcor Inc.

Military Corrosion Protection by NATO Stock Number     Military Corrosion Protection by Mil Spec Grade

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