Protection of Electrical Cabinets, Panels and Components


VCI Liquids

VCI liquid spray and VCI coatings for electronic and electrical corrosion protection including galvanic corrosion.

VCI Emitters for Electronics

VCi emitter inserts with adhesive backing for electronic corrosion control and electrical systems corrosion protection.


VCI Foam Inserts for Electronics

VCI foam emitters are ideal to insert inside vci packaging or antistatic packaging for the storage and shipping of fine electronic parts, instruments and components.


VCI Paper Chip Inserts

VCI paper chip inserts are ideal for enclosed packages, electronic instrumentation and economical for the very small packaging. Available in multi-metal and ferrous metals formulations.


Protective Packaging for Electronics

VCI Industrial Packaging for Electronics

Corrosion Protection packaging for electrical and sensitive electrical systems. VCI packaging does not alter the electrical properties of metals while it provides corrosion control for up to 2 years. Can be used inside of antistatic or conductive packaging to protect sensitive electronic components for corrosion AND static discharge.


Antistatic & Conductive Packaging

Antistatic & Conductive Packaging for Electronics can be combined with VCI corrosion protection emitters, sprays and coatings.

Antistatic packaging meets static decay requirements (ESD) of Mil-PRF-81705D, Type II. 4 Mil thick anti-static film & bags meet full static decay requirements of EIA-541. Available in antistatic zipper bags, antistatic pink flat bags, tubes and custom made antistatic bags.


ESD Black Conductive Film

Black conductive packaging in 4 mil thick poly for heavy duty electro-static control applications. Meets Mil-P-82646.


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