All Products below contain VCIVapor Corrosion Inhibitors

Vappro 800 Degreaser

Environmentally friendly, non-hazardous water based metal cleaner degreaser with VCI corrosion inhibitors.  Nitrite free effective removal of soils, oil, soot, smoke, grease from and corrosion protection up to 30 days, indoors for multi-metals.  Metals will be clean and shiny without any requirement for wiping.   Can be also be used in pressure washers, parts cleaning machines and spray applications with the addition of a small amount of de-foamer.  Ideal for dip tanks, aircraft, oil platforms and metal cleaning processes.  Use is 2% to 20% by volume in water
An excellent pre-treatment to add extra corrosion protection to small dense dense parts prior to packaging in VCI poly or VCI paper.

NATO STOCK NUMBER:  6850-32-076-1080

Package:  5.3 us gallons  (20 liters) and 55 gallon drums (208 liters)

Nox-Rust 7300 Finger Print Remover Metal Cleaner & Corrosion Preventative

Cleans dirt, oils, fingerprints, carbon and light corrosion deposits leaving a thin film of corrosion inhibitor that protects metals from corrosion.  Maintains the original look of OEM metal parts.  Excellent water displacing properties and short term indoor and outdoor packaged metal corrosion inhibitor.  Formulated to Mil C-15074E

Package:  5 us gallons and 55 gallon drums

Nox-Rust 9300 Rinse Additive & Corrosion Preventative

Daubert Cromwell rinse additive to provide an extra boost of corrosion protection to your parts during the final rinse.  Can be diluted with water or with solvents.  Can be used as a stand alone corrosion inhibitor for interim storage and shipping of parts.  Leaves a slightly oily to touch finish.

Package:  5 us gallons and 55 gallon drums

Corrosion Inhibitor Powders

We have a wide selection of powder corrosion inhibitors for use in water, oil or solvents that can be added to your favorite degreaser or metal cleaning solution.   Cost effective as it ships in powder form and you add it to your washing, rinsing, cooling or metalworking fluids to obtain corrosion protection.  Can also be added to blasting media and many different solutions to provide immediate corrosion protection.

Corrosion Inhibitor Powders

Biodegradable Rust Removers

Liquid and Gel rust remover products for removing rust from metals available in a non-acid biodegradable rust remover formulations.

Package:  5 us gallons  and  55 gallon drums

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does it matter what cleaner I put in my pressure washer, or will they all work?

A. It matters quite a bit what cleaner you use for pressure washing applications where the cleaner is circulated through the unit. Some cleaners are made to have good foaming action, which can be very helpful in some applications. This same cleaner put into a re-circulating pressure washer would foam excessively and discharge from the unit,  similar to the putting liquid dishwashing detergent in an automatic dish washer machine.  Kpr provides a  suitable de-foamer for use with our VCI degreasing products where necessary.

For any high pressure or circulating parts washer application you will need to use a non-foaming metal cleaner or add a de-foaming agent to the solution.  This method of application results in shiny clean parts and corrosion protection with-out excessive foaming out of the parts washing machine.  Our V-800 degreaser works very well in circulating baths @  2% to15% concentration in water.  It has also proven to work very  well with the addition of a small amount of defoamer for use in pressure washer systems and in vibrating, tumbling and deburring equipment as a combination metal cleaner / corrosion inhibitor water based solution. It has proven to be a very effective corrsion inhibitor in dense metal stampings and pieces packaged dry and shipped out for further processing.  

We've solved several severe corrosion rejects problems using this method combined with VCI bags without adding any additional steps to the in-plant production process.

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