Military Specifications


Mil Spec or NATO Stock Number (NSN)

Daubrite 3F Foam EmitterNSN 6850-01-338-1392
Daubrite 5 Disk EmittersNSN 6850-01-406-2060
Daubrite 10 Disk EmittersNSN 6850-01-408-9025
VCI-Poly Film, Sheets & BagsMIL-PRF-22019
Vappro 900 (V-900)   Electronics Coating NSN 6850-32-076-1639
Vappro 870 CB Electro-Spray for electronics NSN 6850-32-076-1186
NDT Non-destructive test kitMIL-I-25135, MIL STD 271 and NAVShips 250-1500
 Mil STD-271
  NAV Ships 250-1500
FPR (Finger Print Remover)Mil C-15074
Mil Spec Fingerprint RemoverMil C-15074E
V-800 VCI Metal Cleaning Degreasing ConcentrateNSN 6850-32-076-1080
V-848 Multi Metal Corrosion Inhibitor PowderNSN 6850-32-076-1099
V-848   VCI-1   Nox-Rust 1010   VCI Powder Mil-I-22110
Nox-Rust 5100 501 LSMil Prf-16173 Grade 1 Class 1 Rev. E
Mil PRF-16173E Grade 1 Class 2Mil Prf-16173 Grade 2 Class 2 Rev. E
Nox-Rust 5200 502 LSMil Prf-16173 Grade 2 Class 1 Rev. E
Nox-Rust 5300 503 DLSMil Prf-16173 Grade 3 Class 1 Rev. E
Nox-Rust 503 DHS Mil Prf-16173 Grade 3 Class 2 Rev. E
Nox Rust 3100Mil Prf-16173 Grade 4 Class I Rev. E
Nox-Rust 504 or Esgard PL4Mil Prf-16173 Grade 4 Class 2 Rev. E
T-437DMIL-C-11796 Class 3
Aircraft Cleaning Compound Aerosols Mil C-43616
Mil C-43616 Aircraft Cleaning CompoundNSN 6850-00-005-53
Nox-Rust 7800 Federal Specification V V-L-800
Mil Prf-32033 AerosolsMil Prf-32033 & V V-L-800
KPR Pro-Lube II Mil Prf-32033  (5 gallon pails)
Nox-Rust VCI-10 Oil   Nox-Rust 1100Mil P-46002
Mil PRF-81705 Static Control Mil PRF-81705

Anti-Static Packaging and Static Control

Antistatic ESD Zipper BagsMil Prf-81705 Type 2 Rev. E
Antistatic ESD Lay Flat Bags 4 Mil Mil Prf-81705 Type 2 Rev. E
Antistatic ESD Lay Flat Bags 6 Mil Mil Prf-81705 Type 2 Rev. E
Antistatic ESD Tubing 4 Mil Mil Prf-81705 Type 2 Rev. E
Antistatic ESD Tubing 6 Mil Mil Prf-81705 Type 2 Rev. E
Black Conductive Tubing 4 MilMil-P-82646A
Black Static Conductive BagsMil-P-82646A

Mil Spec Packaging

Foil poly laminated filmMil PRF-131 K
Mil-PRF-22019 VCI PolyMil DTL-2202202 Bags

Mil Spec VCI Paper

VW70H  7090Mil P-3420 H Class 1
VW60H  Mil P-3420 H Class 2
VW35H 4060  Mil P-3420 H Class 3
VersilPak 3-1 Mil B-121 Grade C Type 2 Class 1
VersilPak 3-2Mil B-121 Grade C Type 2 Class 2
VersilPak 5-1Mil B-121 Grade C Type 1 Class 1
VersilPak 5-2Mil B-121 Grade C Type 1 Class 2

Mil Spec VCI Paper Packaging Catalog

Mil Spec Products Store

Military Specifications Discussion

Mil-C-16173 and Mil-PRF-16173

Military Specifications Reference

Corrosion Control Canada  A link to our corrosion control Canada site.  All products are also available in Canada.


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