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Cooling Towers and Boiler Seasonal Lay Up

In this day of modern technology most cooing towers are laid up dry. Towers and/or boilers are drained out to avoid water freezing in the system.  Large and small water treatment companies usually treat cooling water for a cooling tower, through out the year. When it comes to seasonal lay-up, most conventional methods do not provide the advantages of VCI Corrosion Protection

Our VCI Lay Up Products Are:

  • Effective in Hard to Protect Areas
  • Easy to of use
  • Cost Effective
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Environmentally Safe (Friendly)


Corrosion Prevention Problem:

Conventional seasonal lay-up programs often use an oil-based product that does not apply evenly; they can cause significant gunk balls in the equipment and oil products can be a challenge for disposal. This practice is environmentally difficult.  Another problem with using oil-based products is that they may react with polymers in the water system or with other materials. Oil-based products van be a source of nutrients for various kinds of bacteria, including anaerobic bacteria. This leads to promoting microbiological growth in the water system and hence bacterial corrosion.

The major shortcoming of conventional lay-up products is that they are strictly contact corrosion inhibitors (CCI*). A Contact Corrosion Inhibitor protects only the parts of the system that comes into direct contact with the corrosion preventative.  The overhead spaces, crevices and other hard to reach volumes that do not have direct contact with the CCI may be left unprotected.  These parts of the system tend to corrode during the down time because they lack lack corrosion and rust protection. Due to all of the above reasons it becomes important that a thorough cleaning of the system, using additional chemicals, is scheduled before commissioning the water system back into production when using conventional layup methods.

Corrosion Protection Solutions:

A systematic and easy approach to lay-up of water systems during down time utilizing an environmentally safe, inexpensive and easy to apply VCI Corrosion Protection that is typically superior to conventional methods of oil-based products in water systems. These products will eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals for this process.

VCI Powders and VCI LIQUIDS Contain VCI Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor

VCI Powders

VCI powders can be applied by 'dry fogging'   or by wet application.  VCI powders are water-soluble materials     i.e. You can add VCI powder to water to make your own VCI corrosion protection liquid.  They are perfect for seasonal or long-term lay-ups. VCI consist of blend of compounds that volatilize and create a VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) environment inside the system.  VCI are adsorbed onto the metal surfaces forming a monomolecular protective layer of corrosion protection. These protect both the anode and cathode sites of the metal surface.

VCI Liquid Layup Products

VCI Liquids such as our Nox-Rust 1200 can be added to water and applied by circulating, spray or 'wet fogging'.  Our Nox-Rust 9800 is a ready to use 'liquid spray' product that is effective down to 32 F (freezing conditions) and will not freeze at -35 F.  They are both easily removed if necessary by a water rinse.

VCI Corrosion Protections is Superior to Conventional Corrosion Inhibitors

Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors VCIs protect metals both in the liquid contact state* AND in the vapor state* AND the interface of water and vapor, to protect surfaces in contact with air.

Coneventional corrosion inhibitors are CCI *

* CCI = Contact Corrosion Inhibitors require direct contact with metal to be effective

* STATE =  The physical state of the water molecule.  i.e..  Solid, Liquid or Gas

A systematic VCI approach enables VCIs to protect even small crevices from corrosion. Our VCI water system products are multi-metal formulations that protect various metals including galvanized steel.

Click here to see How VCI's Work to Provide Corrosion Protection


Method of application:

Dry Lay-up:

  • Apply VCI powder by sprinkle, dry fog in tower and close all external openings to begin corrosion protection.

  • Mix up your own liquid batch of VCI liquid using our VCI Powder

  • Apply VCI Water Removable Liquid Spray Fog Nox-Rust 9800

Flushing Lay-up:

  • Apply VCI liquid or powder into cooling water and re-circulate the water for 6 hours. Drain the treated water and close all the opening to lay-up the tower, boiler or other equipment.

Wet Lay-up:

  • Apply the appropriate measured amount of VCI powder to the cooling water and re-circulate the water for about 6 hours. Leave the tower with the treated water inside.


VCI Corrosion Protection Products Provide:

  • Biodegradable, and environmentally friendly corrosion protection. They do not contain nitrites, phosphates, chromates, and heavy metals.
  • Economical (100% effective) way of protecting cooling towers during seasonal lay-up periods.
  • Saves time and labor cost by eliminating the use of expensive cleaning chemicals while effectively protecting the cooling water system against corrosion.
  • Protects in vapor, liquid, and water/air interface states by incorporating proprietary VCI technology
  • Readily water-soluble corrosion prevention
  • Easily removable if necessary

There are many opportunities to improve cooling tower system efficiency through the use of chemical treatments. Protecting a cooling tower properly during a lay-up period is an important aspect of cooling tower operation. It can improve efficiency of the system during the operation and save the maintenance engineer time and money if applied properly.

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