How VCI Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors Cut costs:

Military Specifications


Multifunctional Corrosion Protection Products


Effective Corrosion Protection

Efficient delivery systems such as

Treat hard-to-protect items and enclosures.

Easy to Apply   

Improved health, safety and pollution control

VCI Corrosion Protection systems can be used in every stage of the life of a product, starting from the production of metal stock to actual use in the field. When properly applied, VCIs will substantially cut time and costs of manufacturing, storage, shipment and field service. Corrosion Control VCIs can eliminate many extra processing steps for cleaning, degreasing, rust removal, pickling, sandblasting and re-protecting. You have less re-work, fewer rejects, improved quality, reduced rust claims and longer equipment life.

lonic Action of VCI Creates a Molecular, Inhibiting Film


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