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This area is dedicated to serving the ordering needs of our customers.  Industrial corrosion control products.


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Custom Made VCI Poly & VCI Paper Packaging
VCI paper or plastic for corrosion control.  Request a quote for custom made material to your specifications

VCI bags, vci gusset bags and vci film can be custom made to order to your exact VCI packaging requirements of size, thickness and color. Minimum order quantities apply.

Fill out the form at this link to request a Custom VCI Poly or VCI Paper quotation..

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VCI Paper Industrial Packaging

VCI paper for industrial / commercial corrosion control packaging. VCI paper rolls, VCI paper sheeting & Custom made VCI paper. In stock.

VCI Poly Bags and Film Plastic Industrial Packaging

VCI poly bags & VCI film packaging is available in stock and custom sizes:

Heat Sealable VCI Bags VCI Zipper bags VCI Gusset bags Perforated VCI bags on a roll VCI Sheets on Roll VCI film sheeting  VCI Shrouds VCI Stretch film & VCI hand wrap VCI Bin liners (in stock) VCI Tubing and your custom designs


VCI Emitting Devices

VCI EMITTERS extend the working lifetime of electronics, reduce corrosion of all types of metals inside panels, circuit boxes and enclosures. VCI Emitters are compact devices available in open cell foam, sheeting, pouches, sachets, pipe inserts or easy to install adhesive backed domes. VCI emitting devices protect switch gear, electronics, enclosed packages, piping and electronic panels. Dome style inserts are made of a sturdy, moisture resistant poly. In stock.

Military Specifications

Mil Spec products for corrosion control. Military specification corrosion control coatings, Military specification anti-rust packaging, VCI emitters, foam inserts, Federal specification packaging and lubricants.

Corrosion Control Coatings

VCI corrosion inhibitors and corrosion control coatings that can be removed or left on for additional corrosion protection.


Corrosion Inhibitor Powder

VCI Powders are water-soluble formulations of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI)

Ideal for hydro-testing, metalworking fluid additives for corrosion protection, short & long term storage or layup of enclosed vessels and many other uses. VCI powders are applied by dry fogging into an enclosed vessel or as an additive to other water based fluids such as test baths, hydro-testing solutions, metal washing compounds or as a final rinse in a production line. Appearance is a white crystalline powder. Powders provide long term corrosion control.

Three different VCI powder formulations are available:

| For ferrous metals cast iron and aluminum |
| For Ferrous metals in the presence of yellow metals |
| A multi-metal formulation |

Corrosion Inhibitor VCI Additives

Easy to use VCI Corrosion Inhibitor additives for water, oil, fuel and other liquid formulations provide VCI corrosion protection. Ask about our VCI masterbatch or varnish additives for VCI packaging.

Corrosion Protection VCI products for cleaning, degreasing, lubricants and water treatment for corrosion control in machining & metalworking operations.

Corrosion protection for electronics and electrical applications including vci sprays, vci insulative coatings, VCI packaging, vci emitters, inserts and static dissipating packaging such as anti-static pink bags, tubes, film or black conductive film.

Anti-static, esd and black conductive plastic film packaging is available in antistatic bags, antistatic tubes on roll and antistatic zipper bags conforming to MIL P-82646, Mil-PRF-81705, EIA-541 and Fed. Spec PPP-C795C

Rust removing products for the removal of rust & corrosion


Vapor barrier laminated polypropylene, aluminum foil, polyethylene and pet film on rolls. Stock and custom made bags and shrouds available.


Dispensers for paper, poly or tubing on rolls.  Steel dispensers sit on a table or stand for easier handling of paper or poly rolls.


Heat Shrink Pallet Bags/Covers Non-VCI in Stock. Regular poly heat shrink pallet bags hold cargo securely in place. Adds an extra layer of of PE film to keep dust and contaminants away from your package contents.

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