Metal Corrosion Protection Guide

VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors) Protect your parts and equipment


  • Products are manufactured in ISO 9001 or higher compliant facilities. Your assurance of consistent quality production & service
  • No matter what your application we have the SYSTEM to protect your valuable investments from corrosion
  • Proven effective results from 50+ years of use in the marketplace.
  • Easy to apply and in most cases VCIs do not require removal.
  • Non-hazardous, Workplace Safe and Environment Friendly.
  • Eliminates Costly losses due to rust, corrosion or oxidization.
  • Reduce liability for employee health and the environment.

The following table will assist us in selecting the most effective VCI product for your particular application.  If you know the type of metal you are trying to protect and the conditions it will be exposed to, then select the corresponding VCI product on the left.  Let's get together and discuss your requirements in further detail.

Rust Control & Corrosion Protection for Metals Carbon
VCI Emitters Adhesive Backed MDE-30(1 cubic foot enclosed space) 11111111
VCI Emitters Adhesive Backed MDE-150 (5 cubic ft of enclosed space)111 111 11
VCI-Adhesive Backed Emitters  MDE 11 111 111
VCI Emitters Daubrite-5 Emitter Disks 1111 1111
VCI Emitter Disks Daubrite-10 1111 1111
VCI-Foam Inserts
VCI Foam Emitters
111 1111 1
VCI-Paper Packaging   VCI Paper222 2222 2
VCI 10x10 Foams11111 111
V-870cb  Electrospray for Electronics 33333333
V-900 Electrical/Electronic Coating55555555
VCI-Powder Multi-Metal11111111
VCI-Powder 10101111 
Copper Protection
Coppertex Paper
Nox-Rust 1100 VCI10-Oil22222222
Nox-Rust 3100 Mil PRF-1617344444444
Nox-Rust 5400 Corrosion Coating Lubricant General Motors spec 998-1833 and Ford Spec M4B90A approved333 33333
Nox-Rust 7800  VV-L-800333333 33
Nox-Rust 510044444444
Nox-Rust 3100 Coating44444 444
Nox-Rust 9900 Removable Coating4444 4444
Nox-Rust 9300 Flow Coat or Rinse Add333333 33
V-800 Degreaser NATO Stock Number: 6850-32-076-108033 33333 3
VCI-826 Plastic Film NATO Stock Number: NSN 6850-32-076-1091 44444 444
VCI 2000 Wire111 11111
VCI Pouches & Sachets11111   
VCI-1 Powder 1111     
Nox-Rust 1200 Liquid11111   
V-848 Powder11111111
VCI Packaging Film
4444444 4


RecommendedConsult KPR ADCOR
For Specific Usage
Not Recommended or
Test Data Not Available
1  2  3  4 or  5  

Exposure Limitations Key-refer to numbers in the chart above:

1. Enclosed. For use in non-ventilated equipment housings, control boxes, or other enclosures. Packaged in cardboard, paper, plastic wrap or metal containers.

2. Inside. In addition to the condition described above, for use in uncovered/inside storage.

3. Outside sheltered. In addition to the two conditions described above, for use in sheltered/outside storage.

4. Outside. In addition to the three conditions described above, for use in uncovered/outside storage.

5. Immersion. In addition to the four conditions described above, also for immersion service in corrosive liquids such as salt water, crude oil, etc.

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