Every machine manufactured at this plant contains at least 12 Corrosion Protection KPR ADCOR VCI Products to protect from costly corrosion damage during transportation and in service.  

Thanks to KPR CITRUS CLEEN this Company enjoys safe, antibacterial cleaners delivered to their door.


Mil Spec Corrosion Inhibitors & LubricantsKPR is here to serve you, with a choice of several   brands, including Daubert Cromwell Nox-Rust 7800 meeting Federal Spec VV-L-800


Industrial Process Water Corrosion PreventativesProcess water treatment

Rust control in hydrotesting operations.

Reduction in electrical failures and warranty claims due to corrosion saved this company $60,000 per month USING VCI  emitter products.

Men At Work, protecting radiator systems for oil and water based cooling systems destined for New Zealand.

Corrosion Preventative Cutting Fluid

Stringent QUALITY control service provided to our Valued Customer using SuperCool Enhanced VCI Cutting Fluid. Got Rust?  

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