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February 24, 2011

How to Size A Bag for a Round Container

When sizing a bag to fit a round container the following formula is quite helpful.


1. Calculate the circumference (C) of the container. C = Diameter (D) x 3.14

2. The width of the bag would be the circumference (C) divided by 2; plus 1 inch.
Width of Bag (W) = ( Circumference (C) / 2 ) + 1

3. The length (L) of the bag = container height + container diameter (D) + 5 inches for an overhang or to close.

So in this example for a container size 18 inches in diameter x 30 inches high:

Step 1
Circumference = 18 x 3.14
= 56.52

Step 2
Bag Width = (56.52 / 2) + 1 inch
= 29.26 inches
Let's say 29.25 inches.

Step 3
The length of the bag = 30 inches + 18 inches + 5 inches
= 53 inches

Therefor a container size of diameter 18 inches x height 30 inches would require a bag size of 29.25 x 53 inches long in order to line the cylinder (container) and close the bag at the top.

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April 22, 2007

How to Size A Bag for A Pallet Cover

Determining The Proper Size Bag For Pallets & Bin Liners

How to determine the right size cover or liner for your pallet or gaylord cover:
Pallet Size Example:
Dimension A Length - 50"
Dimesion B Width - 44"
Dimesion C Height - 48"

For a Pallet Cover:
Add approximately 2" to dimension A and add 2" to dimension B for a loose fit. For height (C) add one half of width dimesion B to the actual Height dimension C.

Resulting in A Bag Size (Pallet Covers)

Gusset Bag

A - 50" + 2" =52"
B - 44" + 2" =46"
C - 48" + 22" = 70"

SIZE TO ORDER for Pallet Cover: 52" x 46" x 70"

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May 12, 2006

Anti-Tarnish Packaging for Silver

Tarnish Protection Packaging for Silver

Noble metals and non-ferrous metals require a different system or formula to prevent tarnish because of the unique characteristics of these types of metals. Typcially a VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor packaging) paper or VCI poly packaging is designed to protect a range of metal types. Two broad classifications of types are for FERROUS METALS or for MULTI-Metals. Although Multi-metal VCI packaging products are somewhat effective for corrosion protection of silver, they are ideally suited where a combination of metal types are present. The two types of packaging above do not specifcially target corrosion protection (tarnish prevention) for silver metals.

Anti-tarnish for silver metals is best achieved with a packaging system that is designed specifically for silver and noble metals. This is available in the form of or .

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