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VCI-Vapor Barrier Paper 


VCI- Vapor Barrier Paper  Wraps and Packages Parts In One Step

With VCI- Vapor Barrier Paper, users can wrap, protect, and package metal parts all in one step. The paper's proven effectiveness lets users package metal parts in a clean and dry condition eliminating substantial costs in applying wet chemical protection and having to remove it later. The product offers multi-metal corrosion protection for ferrous and nonferrous metals and alloys such as brass, copper, aluminum, tin, solder, and titanium.

The VCI paper has been specially designed for high-valued added metal parts in the automotive, marine, machinery, aviation and aerospace markets. The VCI paper utilizes VCI technology to protect multi-metal parts and assemblies from the factory to parts inventory for a duration of two weeks up to two years. VCI paper keeps parts free of any soil, contamination, rust or oxidation. Parts packaged with the paper can be removed from their box, unwrapped and used immediately without any chemical removal, cleaning, or air blow-off.

VCI Paper not only eliminates the labor and costs of cleaning parts that become partially contaminated during inventory, it also eliminates the costs of special waste disposal for conventional paper wraps and chemical clean-up solutions. VCI Paper is an environmentally safe, fully recyclable and repulpable product.

Designed and manufactured from high quality, neutral and natural kraft paper, no hazardous compounds are used in the paper. Produced with closely packed cellulose fibers, the paper provides a good moisture barrier and resistance to oils. In addition, it is effective against aggressive environments including humidity, SO2, H2S and galvanic corrosion from dissimilar metals. 

Because of the paper's exceptional protective capabilities, users can simplify their manufacturing processes and eliminate chemical lines for applying oils and grease. Processes become simpler for operators since a multi-metal paper can be used to protect all types of parts, regardless of type of metal or size of part.  Where it is required a specialty paper for your particular type of metal can be provided.

VCI paper is available in  multi-metal or ferrous grade rolls and sheets for packaging by conventional automated systems as well as hand wrapping.

Polyethylene Backed VCI Paper 36 inch x 400 Yard Rolls

                          US$162.85 / Roll + Shipping

Micro-Crystaline Wax Backed VCI paper     

                          US$207.50 / Roll + Shipping



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