VCI paper protects metals by contact and vapor to keep machined parts corrosion free in shipping and handling.  Available in regular vci impregnated kraft paper, wax and poly backed vci paper.

Nox-Rust Vapor Wrapper VW35D

VW35D is the industry standard for protecting steel, cast iron and chrome from rust and corrosion.

A 35 lb./ 57 gsm neutral, natural kraft, saturated with Daubert VCI ferrous volatile corrosion inhibitor formulation.  Designed for long term storage of ferrous metals.  A protective layer of safe, odorless chemicals acts as a barrier between the metal surface and contaminants in the environment.  Also available nitrite-free (VW35DH)

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VW60DNox-Rust Vapor Wrapper

A 60 lb./98 gsm neutral, natural kraft saturated one side with Daubert VCI's ferrous volatile corrosion inhibitor formulation. Designed for long term protection of ferrous metals where a stronger paper is required. Heavier basis weight than VW35D. Superior strength and tear resistance makes VW60D ideal for packaging heavier parts. Also available nitrite-free VW60DH

Nox-RustVapor Wrapper 40PC

VW35DA 40 lb./65 gsm neutral natural kraft with Daubert VCI's nitrite-free ferrous volatile corrosion inhibitor formulation and polycoated with 6 lbs./10 gsm of polyethylene. Provides good barrier against moisture and grease together with excellent VCI properties. Excellent water shedding characteristics.

Also available in 60 lb. (PC40) for applications where greater tear strength and puncture resistance are required.

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Nox-Rust Vapor Wrapper VW100DH

VW100D VCI Paper A 40 lb./65 gsm neutral natural kraft sheet laminated 10 lbs./16 gsm of polyethylene. Strong, rigid, laminated substrate resists tearing. Designed for long term storage of ferrous metals where additional strength and moisture barrier is required. Strong and moldable for packaging small parts. Nitrite-free.

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