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Mil C-16173 and Mil-PRF-16173E

Often there are a lot of questions regarding military specifications.

For example Mil-C-16173 and the various optional components of the mil spec. For this particular specification Mil-PRF-16173 has replaced Mil-C-16173 in many projects that formerly called for the latter specification C-16173. Therefore if the project calls for Mil-PRF-16173 then that is type of product that is required. If the project specifies Mil-C-16173E it is the same as Mil-PRF-16173E.

This is because was the last revision of the standard before it was replaced with

The manner that are assigned or specified is that the last letter of the mil-spec is advanced in the alphabet.

For example:

Mil-C-16173 Rev. A (MIL-C-16173A) has been replaced by:
Mil-C-16173 Rev. B (MIL-C-16173B) has been replaced by:
Mil-C-16173 Rev. C (MIL-C-16173C) has been replaced by:
MIL-C-16173 Rev. D (MIL-C-16173D)
After revision D this specification has changed to MIL-PRF-16173 Rev E. (MIL-PRF-16173E) Some may refer to the specification as MIL-C-16173E however MIL-C-16173E is technically incorrect since it has been "superceded by MIL-PRF-16173 Rev E. Therefore it is actually MIL-PRF-16173E that is being referenced.

So what does this mean to me the purchaser trying to meet a requirement for specified military product? Basically it means that if an instruction or spec calls for any of the following:
Mil-C-16173 Rev. A (MIL-C-16173A)
Mil-C-16173 Rev. B (MIL-C-16173B)
Mil-C-16173 Rev. C (MIL-C-16173C)
I can use Mil-C-16173D mil spec products to meet and conform to the request such as or any product that is refers to meeting Mil-C-16173D

If the specifications calls for Mil-C-16173E or Mil-PRF-16173 then I must use a product that meets the specifications. The current revision is E. Of course I must also meet the Class and the Grade requirements if they are specified. We will explain further the meaning of class and grades in another article.


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