All our VCI's (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) products are VCI, meaning our VCI'S do not require direct contact with your metals to protect them from costly losses due to rust, oxidization and corrosion.   We work with manufacturers that produce VCI'S.  VCI is different formulation of corrosion inhibitor than a CCI (Contact Corrosion Inhibitors).  Our VCI  products protect your equipment and parts in remote recessed areas. 

Improper formulation or application of certain other types of corrosion inhibitors can actually accelerate the corrosion process and damage your equipment.   Don't take a chance with your valued investments, choose VCI Corrosion Protection.  If you are unsure about the product you are currently using, contact our trained representatives for a professional evaluation.  We are always pleased to hear from you.  We will outline your options and you decide what suits you best.   All products are easy to use, do not require removal, non-hazardous, non-flammable, biodegradable or recyclable and workplace/environmentally friendly.

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Kpr Adcor Inc. Shipping Locations:

With several locations in North Amercia, Kpr Adcor is ideal situated to meet your corrosion control product delivery requirements.  Click on the link(s) to view our warehouses below:.

New York  Georgia,Illinois, Texas, California, Ontario Canada


Dry Powder Application of VCI

Dry Powder, safe corrosion

control for use in Cavities, Tubing and enclosed spaces.


Electro-Spray and VCI Emitter    

It's so easy to protect your electrical panels and electronics!  Demonstration video.  Simply spray, insert and close the door.   Your protected for up to 5 years !  Non-conductive anti-static spray.  Enjoy maintenance corrosion protection from humidity and galvanic corrosion.

VCI Poly Packaging Film 

Pack, Wrap and Ship for up to Two (2) years of multimetal corrosion protection.

When used in tandem with a machine coolant or VCI oil additive, a water based rust inhibitor or foam emitters protection can be extended to 5 + years for deep storage.


VCI Films, Bags and Sheets  

Available in bags on a roll, ziplock, heat sealable, sheets, sheets on a roll, 'perf' bags on a roll.  Clear or color tint VCI  corrosion protection for your parts and machines.  Pack parts and equipment DRY so there's nothing to remove.  Unpack and put it into service.  Meets  Military specifications as well as specified by major automotive manufacturers world-wide.


VCI Foam Packaging 

For use in export crates, large cavities on machines, electrical systems.  Like all our vci foam packaging products, they are true VCI meaning they do not require direct contact with the metals.   Excellent for galvanic and multimetal corrosion applications.



VCI-Paper  VCI paper and film provide outstanding corrosion protection for your valuable parts and equipment. 


Water Treatment for Corrosion Control

  • The Problem Rust and Corrosion and the associated costs.  5 Mb video opens in a separate window while you browse.
  • The Solution  Traditional solutions to the problem have been losses to rust or traditional hazardous unfriendly products.
  • How VCI in Water Treatments Work  How safe, non-toxic, nitrite free corrosion inhibitors prevent costly down time and equipment failures.
  • VCI Powder  How to use vci powder rust preventatives in easy to use water soluble powder for wet, dry or flushing layup of your boiler equipment.

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