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VCI Extruded Film Stock 36" x 500 Feet

VCI Extruded Film Stock 36  x 500 Feet Special Offer

Corrosion Protection

VCI bags provide corrosion protection to contents for up to 2 years.VCI Corrosion Control VCI Poly Sheets 36 x 36 inches 4 Mil

M.F.S.R. Price:  $ 129.95/carton + Delivery

167 VCI Sheets per Roll

Special Online Store Sale

Sales Price:  $ 104.14 per Roll + Delivery

VCI CF18X36  Sheets Perf On Roll

VCI CF18X36 Sheets Perf On Roll

  • VCI Sheets Perf-on-Roll
  • 36 x 36 inch x 4 mil sheeting on rolls
  • 167 Sheets per Roll folded to a roll width of 18 inches
  • Sheets open to 36" x 36"


We reserve the right to limit quantities

KPR Rust Remover 55 Gal

KPR Rust Remover 55 Gal
  • Safe neutral pH liquid rust remover
  • Water based, non-acid, non-flammable, non-fuming liquid removes oxides from metal surfaces
  • Biodegradable, non-hazardous rust remover liquid can ship by air, sea or ground

  Email for a shipping rate

55 Gallon Drum Ex-Works

VCI Emitters

VCI Emitters  <---Click on the link for VCI products on SALE

We reserve the right to limit quantities, all prices are in US Dollars  VCI Foam Emitting Systems

VCI emitters are ideal to prevent corrosion in electrical enclosures and other closed packages.  50 units per package on sale in June at 20% off the regular pricing!  Electronic electrical corrosion control even prevents galvanic corrosion.  Click on the picture to download the data sheet.VCI Corrosion Protection Adhesive Backed Emitters

Provides multi-metal corrosion protection to electronics, electrical components and enclosures up to one cubic foot 

Purchase VCI Emitters with adhesive backing   MDE30 Emitters @ $83.95 /carton  for 1 cu foot

Regular Price:  $ 125 per Carton   SALE PRICE AS LOW AS $114.15 per CARTON

For more VCI emitters info click here VCI Emitter  

VCI Emitters

Corrosion protection to a wide range of multi-metals.  Up to 24 months corrosion protection including galvanic corrosion  Effective in polluted and humid atmospheres.  Compatible with commonly used Oils, Greases, Paints, Rubbers etc.   The Mono-ionic VCI layer does not affect electrical /optical/mechanical surface properties.  Compact, safe to handle and easy to apply.  Provides corrosion protection when equipment is in storage, transit and when in operation.  Eliminates the  use of labor intensive conventional methods of greasing / oiling / wiping / spraying / dipping.

  • Adhesive backing allows easy & quick installation.
  • Safe in the workplace and environment friendly.
  • Free of nitrites, silicones and phosphates.

Click here to purchase VCI EMITTERS AT SALE PRICES

Part # MDE30 50 units/carton Each unit protects one (1) cubic foot.  For more detail click here VCI emitters:

VCI 10x10 Foam Squares 250/Ctn

VCI Foam SquaresVCI 10 x 10 Inch Foam Pad Inserts 250 Pieces/carton. 10 x 10 x 1/4 inch thick. Each VCI foam pad protects up to 8 cubic feet of enclosed space.

VCI Foam Emitters Downloadable File

List Price: US$720.65

 Price:US$679 per carton of 250 VCI Foam Pads

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