Oil Additive Increases Corrosion Protection

VCI oil additive provides vapor
 corrosion control protection to enclosures and to lubricants

Motor Oil Additive Increases Engine Corrosion Protection 

1101 Motor Oil Additive improves corrosion protection for gasoline and diesel engines, lubricating systems, gear boxes, hydraulic oil systems, cylinders, cooling systems, tanks and a variety of process systems where corrosion protection is required in the liquid and the vapor phase.  Knox-Rust 1100 is specially designed as a powerful package of corrosion inhibitors for use in lubricating and hydraulic systems that receive high use and intermittent shutdown overnight or during long term storage.


Oil Additive Increases Fuel & Oil Tank Corrosion Protection

It is used by heavy industry and fabricators to protect large fuel tanks, vessels and diesel injection systems from corrosion above, below and at the point of contact to metals enclosures at a rate of 1 liquid ounce per gallon (7.5 cubic feet) of tank capacity.


Mil P-46002A Corrosion Protection

Nox-Rust 1100 Replaces Nox Rust VCI-105 Oil Additive

This VCI additive even provides protection to hard to reach spaces and voids in the presence of aggressive chlorides.

1100 effectively prevents corrosion of during shutdown for up to one year. Upon start-up from storage, the equipment can be run without the need for an oil change.

The additive can be used for both organic and synthetic oils. It provides a complete protective package for all conventional ferrous and non-ferrous metals including copper, cadmium, magnesium, zinc, solder, tin, lead, and silver.

1100 can be used to increase oil performance and engine life for a variety of gasoline and diesel applications including car fleets, tractors, heavy equipment, truck fleets, construction and off-road vehicles and equipment. It is ideal for use in engines, tanks and enclosed lubricating systems that operate in extreme operating conditions of high relative humidity, fluctuating temperatures and areas of high ambient air contaminants.


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