Occupational Health & Safety


In the summer of 1992 a major study of General Motors workers in the United States showed excess levels of a number of different kinds of industrial health effects.  This  GM / UAW study of 46,000 Michigan workers' health effects is disturbing. * Read the MSDS  (Material Safety Data Sheets) so that you will know the ingredients of metalworking fluids.  You need to know about the additives as well as the fluid itself. These additives are used to prevent corrosion and / or bacteria build up.  When bacteria grow in metalworking fluids, it can be easily identified because the fluids go bad (rancid) and smell awful.  Fungi also grows in metalworking fluids.  Both fungi and bacteria can cause lung disease and other ailments.  Find out what the additives are.  If the product itself contains hazardous ingredients they will be listed on the M.S.D.S. for the product. Your company health & safety committee can then determine the amount of employee risk, if any, the recommended procedures and precautions to follow when using the product.

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