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Water Treatment

Boiler Water treatment, cooling tower lay up, preservation of plant and equipment.  Water additives for your closed  or open loop cooling systems.  A web site dedicated to water system maintenance, long or short term storage of water related systems.  Water additives for corrosion control for water based metalworking fluids and other water based materials such as paint and even rinse water. 



This domain points to this web site.  Check out vapor corrosion inhibitor packaging, paper and plastics for your shipping, storage and exporting needs  here for rust free plastic packaging of your parts.

Corrosion Product Index Go here to search products by your particular application, type of metal, exposure conditions or by VCI product name.

Need long term storage of plant, equipment or parts.  This manual explains the different levels of corrosion protection available and the VCI products to prevent corrosion or rust.


Electric and Electrical Corrosion ProtectionLook here for products to protect electronic and electric components, switches and connections from atmospheric and galvanic corrosion.



VCI PAPER for sale on line.  Nontoxic, nonhazardous, biodegradable and recyclable corrosion inhibitor paper protects multi-metals from rust and corrosion.

VCI Online Stores

Nontoxic, non-hazardous, corrosion protection VCI products.  VCI paper, VCI sheets, film and Bags, VCI Emitters, Foams and more available now at our online web store.  

VCI recyclable film and packaging

(VCI) Water Treatment Products

Industrial Packaging VCI  Products

Corrosion Control Canada

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