What  Customers  Say  About KPR ADCOR  INC.

'Your products are cost effective and they work.'  Mr. Ron Baker, Executive Director, Third Sector Recycling, July 1996

'....We like it!....It works and it's cost effective'  Mr. George Higgerty, Pepsi-Cola, Bottling Group, July 1997

'We use all the KPR stuff, it works great our staff love it !   Hey that stripper, the pink stuff (refers to ADCOR SUPER CLEEN) is incredibly good stuff.  In our 20 years in the cleaning business we have found it to be the best stripper we have ever tried'  Orien Enterprises, July 1998

'Since we started with KPR we've   eliminated all of our corrosion problems and eliminated $1000's of warranty claims.'  EJC Tamrock Loaders, Sandvyk, January 1998

'We tried it and our cleaning staff loves this stuff...it even removed stains off the wall that have been there for years....' Norman Kraft, General Manager, Niagara Recycling, February 1998

About our Cleaning and Degreasing:  '...our staff prefer it.  Our Company is replacing all existing cleaning products to KPR's superior, safe products.' Tony Picaro, Owner, The Finishing Touch, Professional Cleaning Service, June 1988

Your on site service is the best we've seen in 10 years.  We've increased productivity, reduced product use and cost and eliminated rust & corrosion from our shipments.  Thank you for the productivity and cost analysis.  Mr. Marcus Paura, PBM Inc., Steel Cutting & Finishing, July 1996

'Our machines arrive halfway across the globe in the same rust free condition as they are when they leave our manufacturing plants thanks to your VCI SYSTEMS and KPR's custom preparation service.'  Heavy Equipment Manufacturing facility, Plant Manager, Name Withheld, October 1999

'Your product ADCOR ALL PURPOSE CLEANER, cleans, deodorizes and corrosion protects our rear packers and roll-off containers.  It even kills bugs!  Mr. Bill Adkin, Branch Manager, Capital Environmental Resource Ltd., October, 1999

'Let's get together to talk about machine coolants, we are so pleased with your Vappro 800 degreaser your mould washing compound  ADCOR PW-14-2!' Mr. Kevin Arnold, Chamberlain-Phipps Materials Ltd., January 2000

Regarding VCI Powder :  'That's it?  That sure was easy'  Manufacturer of pipe for oil transport across the Gulf of Mexico. Southern United States, Name Withheld, July 2000

Thanks for your flexibility in scheduling our export machine corrosion treatments.  Export Manager, Tigercat Industries, October 2000

We still can't believe how much we have saved.  And the best part is that we don't have to work with solvents anymore.  Since we start using your degreasing formulations and VCI Clear coating we've eliminated hazards in our shop AND eliminated rust on our products.  Michael, Owner, Practical Art, Unique Home & Garden Ornaments manufacturing & distribution.  October 2000

Thanks for the specialty products and your prompt service to all our locations across North America.  Specialty glass manufacturer and distribution, West Coast, Name Withheld, February 2001

You Guy's are Great !  Please thank all your staff for their efforts in providing the laboratory testing, technical materials and shipment of product so quickly.   Shipping Manager: World-wide Custom Manufacturer, March 2001

Your custom made floor cleaner, detergents & degreasers are excellent.  Your 'Lime-Away'...They really help.  I highly recommend them.  Your service is the best!  The Original Honey's, Restaurant and take-out.  Maureen, General Manager, April 2001.

It's just that easy!  (Comment regarding the application of VCI Corrosion Inhibitor Powder for pipe storage and shipping)   Pipe Manufacturer, United States, 2003  Name Withheld.


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