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CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINKS TO DOWNLOAD A PRODUCT CATALOG TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.  Some files are rather large and depending on your connection speed make take some time to complete.  Most are in adobe reader format.  You may continue to browse our web site or the web while downloading however your browser may work slower than usual because of the downloading file, depending on your bandwidth.

VCI Catalogs

VCI General VCI Brochure

VCI Coatings

Industrial Packaging Food Grade quality plastic packaging for industrial and commercial packaging requirements

VCI Plastic Packaging

VCI Paper (Catalog)

VCI Powder Brochure  Great for use as corrosion control additive for hydrotesting , short term equipment layup or long term storage of plant and equipment.

VCI Electronic Corrosion Prevention  VCI Emitters & VCI Foam

VCI Emitters

VCI Metalworking Products  Super Cool Plus Machine Coolant

Water Treatment  Water treatment corrosion protection products for working water boilers, steam boilers, cooling systems and chillers.  Keeps your water systems corrosion, rust and scale free!

VCI Emitter FAQ  Common frequently asked questions and answers about VCI emitters used for the corrosion protection of electronic components, enclosed spaces and the emitter properties of VCI paper, film, sheets and bags

Product Data Sheets  Downloadable product information files.


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