Multi-Metal VCI Paper With Tear Proof Backing Properties


Corrosion Protection for the following Metals

Combination of metals like Iron & Steel, Zinc, Copper,

Cadmium, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Silver


VCI Paper Packaging Available 

Standard size rolls  36 inch wide x 600 feet long

Custom size and construction

Custom size stitched heavy duty bags & covers

Custom printing with special orders


Typical Properties:

Property        Value       Units

Basis Weight   100GSM   +/- 5 GSM 

 Bursting Strength   5.5 Kg/square cm 

Tear Strength    MD 735, CD 815  MN

Tensile Strength  MD 195,  CD 180 Kg/

Elongation  MD 4.50, CD 5.15  %


MIL- 2073 ID Corrosivity Test 

German VIA (Vapor Inhibiting Ability Test.

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