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Silver-Guard® Anti-Tarnish Film Is Unique


Consumer and industrial customers alike are clearly seeing the benefits of protecting their silver pieces and components inside Silver Guard anti-tarnish packaging.

                            Silver Tarnish Protection Silver Guard Plastic Sheets Bags & Zipper Re-closeable packaging Where to Buy Anti-Tarnish Silver Protective Bags

Musicians to jewelers to wire and computer manufacturers are excited about reusable, reclosable Silver-Guard zipper bags for storing their precious silver. It is non-toxic, recyclable, and you can see the item inside without opening the bag.

Silver-Guard works by removing all sulfide vapors from within a closed environment. The chemicals in Silver-Guard react with the vapors to eliminate the sulfide, and therefore eliminate the risk of tarnish.

Silver-Guard plastic bags are popular for Consumer  and Industrial  Commercial Applications for:

·  Flatware                                                                                                Antique Dealers / Collectors

·  Serving pieces                                                                                      Silversmiths

·  Coins                                                                                                     Museums

·  Heirlooms                                                                                              Jewelers

·  Musical instruments,                                                                              Electronics

   Coin Collectors                                                                                      Manufacturers / Distributors

Passes compatibility tests with copper, solder and other electronic components such as circuit boards. It does not interfere with solder-ability or application of photo-resist coatings.

Ask for  Silver-Guard Protective Zipper Bags  and its paper counterpart  Silver Saver ® Paper  featured in 'Professional Jewelers Magazine', Fall 2005


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