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  KPR ADCOR INC   VCI pallet wrap in machine and hand wrap grades for corrosion protection.  Click on the picture.

                      Where to Buy Corrosion Control (Online Store)                    Corrosion protection to all electronic contacts and electrical systems from oxidation and corrosion.  Protects metal surfaces from the the effects of corroding agents such as humidity, moisture, salts, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, ammonia or other corrosive catalysts.

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VCI Emitting Device Corrosion Protection Insert with Adhesive Backing 

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VCI-101 Impregnated Foam Device         

Unique exclusive patented true vci
VCI impregnated foam for protection of multi-metals. Comes with adhesive backing and individually packaged in plastic. Each device is 1.25" (32mm) wide 3" (76mm) long, and 0.25" (6mm) thick. Use one device per 1.0 cu. ft. (283 dm3) of enclosed space. Nitrite-free, non-toxic, non-polluting.
Package: 50 per carton.

        VPCI-111 Plastic Emitter

Tyvek® breathable membrane, plastic cartridge filled with nitrite-free VCI, for multi-metal protection. Comes with adhesive backing and individually packaged in plastic bag. The VCI-105 emitters are compact size to fit modern electronic enclosures (2.3" in diameter and .75" high). Use one emitter for 5 cu. ft. (142 dm3) of enclosed space. VCI-111 (2.3" in diameter and 1.27" high). Use one emitter for 11 cu. ft. (313 dm3).
Package: 20 per carton VCI-105, and 10 per carton VCI-111.


MDE-300 VCI Emitter    

Ten (10) MDE-300 VCI Emitters per carton
Each MDE-300 VCI emitter protects up to 11 cubic feet of enclosed space. Ten (10) individually wrapped VCI Emitters with adhesive backing per pack
Package: 10 per carton.   

VCI-150 & 170 Impregnated Foam Tapes, Patented

Flexible, protective tapes impregnated with VCI for multi-metal protection. Comes with adhesive backing. Easily cut to length to protect various size enclosures. Nitrite-free VCI material.  VPCI-170 foam tape (L 20' x W 2" x H 1/4") protects 1 ft3/inch.
Package: 6 rolls per carton VCI 150, and 1 roll per carton VCI-170.

VCI-238  ElectriCor Spray   (Use VCI-239 for Outdoor Coating)

Multi-functional formulation providing three-way protection: inhibition of multi-metals, anti-static and cleaning action. Exclusive patented true vci.
Corrosion-inhibiting spray provides dry, ultra thin, protective film. For use in enclosed environments on electronic equipment and components. Will not alter electrical resistance, magnetic or thermal properties.
Package: 12 oz (0.33 liter) aerosol, 12 X 16oz pump spray


Electrospray V-870CB

V-870CB Six Bottles / Carton (500 Mil/bottle)
Provides corrosion protection to electronics & electrical panels, circuits, contacts and all metal surfaces inside an enclosure. Ships ground only. Non-flammable & non-conductive (when cured) ultra thin molecular corrosion protection.

V-870CB VCI is an effective inhibitor of galvanic corrosion for all metals and alloys normally found in electronics applications such as copper, aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Vappro-900 Electrical Coating

Vappro 900 VCI clear insulating coating quickly seals, insulates, waterproofs and protects electrical and electronic components.  6 Aerosol Cans/Carton Ships Ground O-RMD
Provides an excellent corrosion protection in harsh corrosive environments such as acidic, alkaline, saline and solvent atmospheres.


Daubrite VCI Emitter Disks

VCI Emitters Military Approved Daubrite VCI Disk Emitters

 NSN 6850-01-408-9025  and  NSN 6850-01-406-2060  protect 10 cubic and 5 cubic feet enclosures from tarnish and corrosion.


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