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Aircraft Cleaning Compound
NSN 6850-00-005-5305
A-A-59921 supersedes Mil C-43616

Aerosol cans ship by ground only.


Mil B-121

VERSILPAK wrapper provides protection to underground pipe or above ground items from abrasion, corrosion and impact. Available in Mil B-121 Grade C class 1 and class 2, type 1 and type 2

| Versil Pack meets Mil B-121 Grade C |

Mil C-11796

Mil C-11796 Class 3, military spec grease in a 38 pound pail


Mil C-15074

Mil C-15074 Finger Print Remover Metal Cleaner & Corrosion Preventative. Cleans dirt, oils, fingerprints, carbon and light corrosion deposits leaving a thin film of corrosion inhibitor that protects metals from corrosion.

Mil C-16173

Mil C-16173 Military Corrosion Inhibitors. Mil Spec Mil C-16173D has been superceded by Mil PRF-16173 Rev E also available at this web site.

|Mil-C-16173 Discussion | Mil Prf-16173 Products |

Mil C-43616

Aircraft Cleaning Compound
NSN 6850-00-005-5305 Ships by ground only
Superceded by A-A-59921 formerly on the Qualified products list for Mil C-43616

Aerosol cans ship by ground only.

MIL-DTL-22020 Type 1 Bags

Mil-PRF-22020 VCI heat sealable bags and gusseted VCI bags. Packaging specification MIL-DTL-22020E Type I


Mil I-22110

Military Specification Mil-I-22110. VCI-848 Multi-Metal Corrosion Inhibitor Powder, water soluble corrosion inhibitor VCI powder an excellent protection for combinations of metal types including yellow metals such as copper and brass.

Mil I-25135

Non-Destructive Test Kit Surface Flaw Detection System  MIL-I-25135, MIL STD 271 and NAVShips 250-1500
Aerosol cans ship by ground only

Mil PRF-131

Mil Prf 131 K supersedes Mil Prf-J and Mil B 131 H Type 1
Laminated poly, foil, PET film on rolls
Custom made sheeting, bags and shrouds available


Mil Prf 131 K supersedes Mil Prf-J and Mil B 131 H Type 1

Lay flat vapor and oxygen barrier bags in stock

Mil PRF-16173E

Mil PRF-16173E Mil spec corrosion inhibitors supercede Mil C-16173D Provides long-term protection for metallic surfaces in indoor or outdoor exposure and during international shipments. Mil Prf-16173 Rev E


Mil-PRF-22019 Type 1 is a heat sealable transparent VCI film. It has the highest level of corrosion protection. When made into bags the packaging method is listed as MIL-DTL-22020E Type 1

Mil-PRF-32033 Lube Oil

Lubricating Oil Mil-PRF-32033 meets and exceeds specification VV-L-800. NSN 9150-00-458-0075

Mil PRF-81705 Static Control

Mil Prf-81705 Type 3 and EIA-541 static control bags amine free safe for polycarbonate surfaces. 4 & 6 Mil thick provide electrostatic surface resistivity of less than 1 X 10 EXP 12 ohms/sq
Anti-static lay flat bags are available in 2, 4 and 6 mil thick as well as custom made sizes and thicknesses.

Mil PRF-3420

Mil PRF-3420 VCI Paper products listed on the Qualified Products List for PRF-3420 Class 1, 2 or 3


Mil P-46002

Mil P 46002 VCI Oil Additive provides internal vapor corrosion inhibitor protection. Effective corrosion protection in the liquid, vapor and interface states against moisture and corrosive contaminants according to Mil P-46002

Mil P-82646 Conductive

Mil P-82646 Static Control ESd Black Conductive Film Packaging


Rust Remover Military Approved

Rust remover military approved!
55 Gallon Nato Stock Number (NSN) 6850-01-498-3606
5 Gallon Nato Stock Number (NSN) 6850-01-498-3610

Daubert Cromwell Evapo-Rust (remover) has passed the performance criteria and has been approved for military rust removing.

VCI Emitters Military Approved

VCI Emitters Military Approved
Daubrite Disk Emitters NSN 6850-01-408-9025 and NSN 6850-01-406-2060

Military Specifications and NSN Numbers



VV-L-800 Federal Specification for a very light lubricating oil

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