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Mil PRF-16173E Grade 1 Class 1

5 gallons

Price US: 216.31
Mil PRF-16173E Grade 1 Class 2
  • Mil PRF-16173E Grade 1 Class 2 is the low VOC version of the Mil PRF-16173E Grade 1 corrosion coating
  • This military spec corrosion inhibitor coating supersedes Mil C-16173D Grade 1 Class 2
  • A dry to touch corrosion inhibitor coating for use under a broad range of outdoor exposure temperature changes

5 gallons

Price US: 352.50
  • Mil PRF-16173E Grade 1 Class 2 supersedes the requirements for Mil C-16173 D
  • Semi-firm greasy film is amber and translucent
  • For parts and equipment stored indoors for long periods of time


List Price: 275.00
Price US: 250.41
  • Mil PRF-16173 Rev. E, 5 Gallons Grade 2, Class 2 supersedes Mil-C-16173D Grade 2, Class 2
  • Military Specifications for a corrosion inhibitor coating
  • Soft amber film coating for indoor, outdoor sheltered and outdoor packaged corrosion protection

5 gallons

Price US: 342.50
  • Mil PRF-16173E Grade 3 Class 1 removable corrosion inhibitor coating supersedes Mil-C-16173D Grade 3
  • Leaves a soft moisture displacing protective corrosion inhibitor film
  • For interior surfaces or outdoor packaged or sheltered applications
  • Completely miscible with oils
Price US: 225.00
  • Mil PRF-16173E Grade 3 Class 2 corrosion inhibitor coating
  • Supersedes Mil-C-16173 Grade 3 Class 2
  • Oil based rust preventative for enclosed vessels, packaged or sheltered exposures

5 gallons

Price US: 323.50
  • Nox-Rust 3100 (X-110)wWater displacing corrosion preventative compound
  • Military Specification Mil PRF-16173 Rev E (C-16173E) supersedes Mil C-16173D
  • Leaves a dry to touch film

Discounts applied at checkout: 2 or more pails 8%
   2 or more cartons of aerosols 15%

Price US: 225.21
  • Mil PRF-16173 Rev E Grade 4 Class 2
  • Water displacing corrosion preventative compound leaves a dry to touch film
  • On the qualified products list for military specification Mil PRF-16173 Rev E (C-16173E)
  • Supersedes Mil C-16173D

5 gallons

Price US: 460.25