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April 22, 2006

Mil-C-16173 & Mil-PRF-16173 Grades


Mil Prf-16173 Corrosion Inhibitor Grades


This is a continuation, of our discussion last month, about the and Mil-PRF-16173 military specifications. There are four different grades and two different classes that are often used in the military specification for above.

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March 29, 2006

Mil C-16173 and Mil-PRF-16173E

Often there are a lot of questions regarding military specifications.

For example Mil-C-16173 and the various optional components of the mil spec. For this particular specification Mil-PRF-16173 has replaced Mil-C-16173 in many projects that formerly called for the latter specification C-16173. Therefore if the project calls for Mil-PRF-16173 then that is type of product that is required. If the project specifies Mil-C-16173E it is the same as Mil-PRF-16173E.

This is because was the last revision of the standard before it was replaced with

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