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February 24, 2011

How to Size A Bag for a Round Container

When sizing a bag to fit a round container the following formula is quite helpful.


1. Calculate the circumference (C) of the container. C = Diameter (D) x 3.14

2. The width of the bag would be the circumference (C) divided by 2; plus 1 inch.
Width of Bag (W) = ( Circumference (C) / 2 ) + 1

3. The length (L) of the bag = container height + container diameter (D) + 5 inches for an overhang or to close.

So in this example for a container size 18 inches in diameter x 30 inches high:

Step 1
Circumference = 18 x 3.14
= 56.52

Step 2
Bag Width = (56.52 / 2) + 1 inch
= 29.26 inches
Let's say 29.25 inches.

Step 3
The length of the bag = 30 inches + 18 inches + 5 inches
= 53 inches

Therefor a container size of diameter 18 inches x height 30 inches would require a bag size of 29.25 x 53 inches long in order to line the cylinder (container) and close the bag at the top.

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July 18, 2007

Plastic Price Information July 2007

Market Price Information News Implications for VCI Poly Products

The plastic market has undergone three price increases so far this year since Jan 1, 2007. Basically LDPE, LLDPE and other raw materials have increased in price causing an increase in costs for products such as VCI film, VCI bags, foodgrade bags and specialty plastic products. This additional cost or at least most of it is almost always passed on to the end users. Will this be another year of record price increases for oil related products such as stretch wrap and plastic packaging? With the price of oil at $74/barrel today and projections by some analysts of $100/barrel oil within a year or two some believe that it will be.

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