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Mil-C-16173 & Mil-PRF-16173 Grades


Mil Prf-16173 Corrosion Inhibitor Grades


This is a continuation, of our discussion last month, about the and Mil-PRF-16173 military specifications. There are four different grades and two different classes that are often used in the military specification for above.

Class refers to the percentage of VOC in the coating. Class 1 coatings contain a higher percentage of solvents that will evaporate off the coated surface in order for the coating to dry. Class 2 coatings contain LESS VOC'S and are often stipulated for jobs in or destined to California. If the class is not stipulated in the job specification requirements than you are free to use a CLASS 1 product.

GRADES Often the job will requirest a particular Grade either 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Grade 1 is a black hard drying film for external finished machine parts.
Grade 2 is a SOFT, greasy film that provides undercover protection for metal surfaces on machines, instruments, & bearings.
Grade 3 is an oily film. Water displacing coating used on metal parts.
Grade 4 provides a non-tack, clear surface for general purpose indoor/outdoor protection where handling, stacking or counting is required. Our Vappro-9868 conforms to all of the above grades for Mil-C-16173 Rev. D Class 1
All grades are removable although the method of removal is different for each grade.

For Mil-C-16173, if there is no mention of the Revision or of the Class number then a revision D product with class 1 is suitable for the job. Example: Mil C-16173D

Mil Spec products can be purchased online here: Military Specifications I you have further questions I can be reached by .