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Multi-Metal VCI Paper 18" (2 Rolls) Multi-Metal

Multi-Metal VCI Paper 18" (2 Rolls) Multi-Metal

18 Inch wide x 400 yards long Rolls

30# VCI Paper for multi-metals such as cast iron, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, zinc, zinc coated, copper, brass, bronze, galvanized, aluminum and non-ferrous corrosion protection.  For use where no vapor barrier is required. Excellent for use where a combination of metals are present

VCI paper provides corrosion protection to multi-metals. Available in one product (multi-metal vci) that protects all types of metals, copper, ferrous, nonferrous, cast iron, silver or in specialty VCI formulations to protect specific types of metals. Specialty products for your vci packaging requirements of specific types of metals also available fill out this form:  Corrosion Protection Evaluation

Specialty products for your VCI packaging requirements of specific types of metals are available at VCI Paper for non-ferrous metals  or fill out this form:  Corrosion Protection Evaluation

Two (2) rolls per carton, VCI multi-metal paper 18 inches x 400 yd.


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Price: 183.21
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