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Anti-Tarnish Packaging for Silver

Tarnish Protection Packaging for Silver

Noble metals and non-ferrous metals require a different system or formula to prevent tarnish because of the unique characteristics of these types of metals. Typcially a VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor packaging) paper or VCI poly packaging is designed to protect a range of metal types. Two broad classifications of types are for FERROUS METALS or for MULTI-Metals. Although Multi-metal VCI packaging products are somewhat effective for corrosion protection of silver, they are ideally suited where a combination of metal types are present. The two types of packaging above do not specifcially target corrosion protection (tarnish prevention) for silver metals.

Anti-tarnish for silver metals is best achieved with a packaging system that is designed specifically for silver and noble metals. This is available in the form of or .

These two silver packaging products are made by Daubert Cromwell, the leading name in industrial corrosion protection. The people who originally invented silver saver metals.

Technically these two products Silver Saver Paper and Silver Guard Zipper Top bags are not VCI. (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) packaging. The silver protecting paper and plastic packaging prevent tarnish (corrosion, oxidation) from forming on silver metals by creating a barrier to the outside contaminants that accelerate corrosion and by creating a closed environment around the metals that is not condusive to the formation of tarnish. They do this by absorbing the contaminants BEFORE they can interact with the surface of the silver. The result of using this type of packaging is the preservation of noble metals in a tarnish free condition.

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