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Black conductive tubing 24 inch x 750 feet long on rolls.
Mil-P-82646 Rev B

Price: 738.10

Biodegradable, Non-hazardous rust remover gel. Remarkable rust removal gel for vertical surfaces. So safe it can even ship by AIR! Recommended for light to medium surface rust removal.

Carton of 6 x 0.5 gallon jugs.

Price: 120.00

Vapor Barrier Foil Bags 6x8 inches, 1000 bags/carton
Mil PRF-131 K Class 1 Type 1 packaging. Laminated OPP/PE/Foil/PE materials provide superior vapor and oxygen barrier properties

Price: 343.35
Mil PRF-131K Class 3

Mil PRF-131K Class 3 Scrim/Foil Roll 36" x 200 yards per roll
Heat sealable, superior tear and puncture resistant film.
Provides protection from light, air, and water vapor.

Price: 1,250.00
VCI Sachets - 15 Cubic Feet

VCI sachets each provide corrosion protection for enclosures up to 15 cubic feet. Anti-corrosion inserts for packaging.

50 Pouches (sachets) per carton

Special Order Only

Price: 419.50
Call 1-866-577-2326
Nox-Rust 7100 Aerosols

Nox-Rust 7100 X-210 Corrosion Control Very Thin Coating


  • VCI temporary transparent, non-discernable coating leaves parts with a shiny luster
  • Outdoor packaged, sheltered or indoor corrosion protection for 1 - 5 years
  • Most applications do not require removal
  • Economical method to pre-treat items prior to packaging for transit or storage


6 Aerosol Cans per carton

Price: 129.38
Silver Saver 36x600 Roll

Silver Saver 36 inch wide x200 yards long on rolls
Silver Saver is formulated to prevent tarnish and corrosion of silver materials.

Silver Saver Data

Price: 169.35
UW94 MPI 36 Inch X 200 YD

36 inches x 200 yard Roll
UW94 MPI, Multi-metal VCI paper (steel wrap) with a woven scrim poly backing.
Tear proof, water-proof, VCI paper protection.

Price: 186.65
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