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Transparent Pink Anti-Static Bags 10X16X002 Food Grade Antistatic Bag 1000/carton
Price US: 103.25
Transparent Pink Anti-Static Bags 12X15X002 Food Grade Antistatic Bag 1000/carton
Price US: 97.35
Transparent Pink Anti-Static Bags 12X18X002 Food Grade Antistatic Bag 1000/carton
Price US: 109.57
Transparent Pink Anti-Static Bags 18X24X002 Food Grade Antistatic Bag 500/carton
Price US: 95.90
Transparent Pink Anti-Static Bags 24X36X002 Food Grade Antistatic Bag 250/carton
Price US: 95.90
Antistatic Tubing 6 Mil

ALL 6 MIL ANTISTATIC PINK TUBING ARE BY SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. Call customer service at 1-866-577-2326 or use this form Custom Film quotation request for a custom made to order quotation and the minimum order quantity.

4 Mil antistatic pink tubing is a stock item.

Price US: 0.00
Call 1-866-577-2326
Anti-Static Bags 3 X 5 x 4 Mil

Mil PRF-81705 Rev. E Type 3 & EIA-541
Transparent Pink Anti-Static Bags 3 inch X 5 inch X 4 Mil (0.004 inches) Thick
Amine Free Anti-static bags 1000/carton

Price US: 48.05
Antistatic Tube 4 x 750 x 4 Mil

Antistatic pink amine free tube 4 inch X 750Feet Long on Rolls x 4 Mil thick
Military Specification: Mil PRF-81705, type 3 and EIA-541

Price US: 63.03
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