Corrosion Control VCI Products Distribution Firm Exhibits at Pack Expo in Chicago Supporting the Newly Merged Daubert Cromwell: "The Leading Name in Corrosion Protection"

Representatives from Kpr Adcor VCI Corrosion Control provided support for Daubert Cromwell at this year's Packaging Expo in Chicago. Kpr distributes VCI Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor packaging, temporary coatings and specialty products that are effective, non-hazardous, safe and easy to use. See:

November 24, 2004 -- Corrosion Control products firm exhibits at Pack Expo in Chicago at the Daubert-Cromwell display booth. Pack-Expos was attended by over 50,000 attendees seeking industrial/commercial packaging solutions.

Kpr Adcor VCI Corrosion Control is a veteran of industrial corrosion protection packaging, VCI devices and VCI temporary coatings. VCI stands for vapor corrosion inhibitors, sometimes referred to as volatile corrosion inhibitors. A unique non-hazardous line of products that prevent rust / corrosion by a vapor action and without having direct contact with the protected metals.

Recently Kpr added the Daubert-Cromwell line of VCI products to its product offerings of corrosion protection solutions for industrial clients.

"We are convinced that Daubert-Cromwell manufactures the most complete and effective line of VCI products in the industry. We are pleased to provide these products to our valued customers.", says Kpr Adcor company president Rick Kozuch.

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Corrosion Protective VCI Packaging
Rick Kozuch of Kpr Adcor VCI Corrosion Control displays Daubert-Cromwell protective packaging products. 'We Stop Rust!'TM WWW.CORROSIONCONTROL.CA
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Rick Kozuch (left of Kpr Adcor) and Lawrence Garman, CEO Daubert Industries Inc
Rick Kozuch (left of Kpr Adcor) and Lawrence Garman, CEO Daubert Industries Inc. discuss packaging strategies for industrial corrosion control.
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Corrosion Control Methods - Packaging
Scot Kotvis, Rick Kozuch and James Abbott (left to right). Global corrosion protection specialists.
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