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Environmentally Friendly Rust Removal

Here is a good article posted by krs1 at The Practical Environmentalist about Daubert Rust Remover
I was just doing some research on how to remove rust from home gardening equipment without using caustic chemicals, and found this interesting press release about Evapo-Rust(TM), an environmentally friendly rust removing product that is an alternative to Naval Jelly, the most common way people remove rust from metal tools, car parts, etc. Here's some info from the press release: continue reading rust remover...


Fluid Film is a solvent free rust/corrosion preventive and lubricant. This is the type of forum where its true value will be proven. We (dwilliams@eurekafluidfilm.com) are willing to offer free sample cans for testing purposes to prove how effective Fluid Film can be.
Fluid Film is manufactured using a unique lanolin base, which will imbed into the pores of metal and set up an unyielding barrier of protection. It is not water soluble, is classified as non-toxic and non-hazardous and will not harm paint, plastic or rubber.
It will prevent rust/corrosion on all metals and will stop existing rust from spreading on contact.
Visit our website at www.eurekafluidfilm.com and write to me at dwilliams@eurekafluidfilm.com for a testing sample.

I have used this paint on my car before and it works wonders. There is a mid sized paint manufacturing firm in Perth, Western Australia which manufactures all kinds of industrial coatings. One of their products is called Metalfix a water-based rust converting and abrasion-resistant primer paint, designed for very badly rusted surfaces. It converts the rust into a metal phosphate within the paint film and simultaneously forms a protective abrasion-resistant skin which tolerates temperatures from minus 40 degrees C upto approximately 1000 degrees C.I thought you may be interested, you can find their details on www.phoenixpaints.com.au.