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Corrosion Inhibitor Powder Additives

VCI Corrosion Inhibitor Powder Additives For Water Systems

When choosing a water additive for corrosion control it is important to know the metals that the water with inhibitor will come into contact. Second is the type of system. Is it open, closed or a recirculating water system such as a cooling system (chiller), heating system, hydro static testing, (pressure test stands), boiler or other type of industrial process water? Is there make-up water coming into the system on a continual or on a batch top up basis? What is the throughput of the system? What is the use of the treated system or finished parts that are being treated for corrosion protection? Is this a lay-up for long term corrosion protection or a short term corrosion control less than 1 year?

To simply we compare four different corrosion inhibitor powder products:

Safe for cast iron, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel. Excellent dissolved in water or applied by dry fogging.

For Protecting Ferrous Metals & Aluminum Nox Rust 1010
This one protects the same metals as VCI-1 powder above from corrosion even in the presence of non-ferrous metals. Dissolves in water or applied by dry fog application.

Multi Metal Corrosion Protection for Circulating & Standing Water Systems V-841
This multiple metal corrosion inhibitor is especially good for circulating water systems such as coolers, chillers, machine cooling systems and closed loop systems. Protects all types of metals and is extra safe on rubber seals, teflon and other synthetic substances. Can be used for hydrotesting and wet lay-up applications. Contains more contact corrosion inhibitor than V-848.

Multi-Metal Corrosion Inhibitor for Dry Applications V-848 VCI-848 Multi-Metal Corrosion Inhibitor Powder, meets Military Specification Mil-I-22110. VCI powder is an excellent protection for combinations of metal types including yellow metals such as copper and brass. This one is similar to the V-841 above as it is also a water soluble corrosion inhibitor. This one however is more effective for for dry applications where a vapor corrosion inhibitor is needed.

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