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Selecting VCI Paper

There are many different types and brands of in the marketplace.

Many manufacturers use their own branding referring to it as or other acronym to describe their particular brand of the . Manufacturers or marketeers will do this in an attempt to "differentiate their product" from those of competitors. In addition to they will often add their own product code numbers or trade names.

As in these two examples: Product Code: VCI-146 OR VCI Paper Product Code: PW-32

Basically all of these catchy buzz words and marketing "spin" mean, or try to convey, the same particular attribute of the . The meaning of the terms are basically the same. This is paper used to wrap or as for metal parts or metal materials to slow down or prevent the natural process of rust and corrosion. The paper is impregnated or coated with a .
This branding or descriptive term has changed several times during the past 50 years probably as the industry tries to re-invent itself or find a unique term to describe the benefits of their products. The current generally accepted terminology used by knowledgeable and experienced companies in North America today is . There are of course a few exceptions where a manufacturer will use their own trade name and then define the product properties.

See below:

VCI Translation: Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor or Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor
VPI Translation: Vapor Phase Inhibitor or Vapor Paper Inhibitor

VPN Translation: Vapor Phase iNhibitor or Vapor Paper Inhibitor
VpCI Translation: Vapor Phase Corrosion Inibitor or Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor
VPP Translation: Vapor Phase Paper
MPI Translation: Mulit-metal Paper Inhibitor or Multi-metal Phase Inhibitor

The list above is a sample of a few of the labels you will find on packaging that is currently offered in the marketplace.

Manufactures will often print their company logo(s), company name and possibly the VCI paper grade or product code on the paper; And of course, one of the terms in the above list to identify the paper as .

So now you say....ok, that clarifies the naming convention of VCI, VPI, VPN, VpCI, VPP, MPI ... etc. products and what this means....Well yes...and not quite...

To futher explain there is the whole issue of the grade and intended use of the VCI PAPER. We will discuss these two issues in our next post. If you are currently seeking to find go here: https://www.corrosionvci.com/corrosion/categories.php?cat=5