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Finding Corrosion Control Products

A recent survey conducted by UK-based online marketing firm, Harvest Digital shows that Google is almost universally recognized as the UK's leading search engine. It is generally accepted that the results are similar in North America.

A large group of search engine users express less than stellar expectations from their experience with search engines. There is a growing dissatisfaction with search results.

There appears to be a growing dissatisfaction among UK search engine users with only 22% of the survey group stating they felt "... confident that search engines would always give them the information that they needed." Many users blame themselves when searches produced less than useful results. 36% assumed they were using the wrong keywords. 32% figured the information they were looking for was too specialized.

MOST NOTABLE IS THAT, nearly a quarter of respondents said that advertisers paying for high position on the results page are responsible for the difficulty in finding the relevant result from a search engine.

24% agreed with the statement, "Advertisers are paying to come top of the results", is the reason "... some searches are less successful"

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