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Silver Guard anti-tarnish Reclosable bags for Industrial and Commercial use provide corrosion control to silver & noble metals
Silver Guard provides silver protection from industrial contaminants such as hydrogen sulfide gas.  Marine corrosion protection.
Silver guard provides silver tarnish protection for up to 2 years
Silver Guard provides exclusive metal specific tarnish protection in a reclosable zipper top bag.  Ask for Silver Guard ™, beware of imitations, me too products and copy cat products in the marketplace!  Daubert Cromwell is the only contender with 50+ years of research, product formulation and real world experience in the field of corrosion control
No need for inserts, foams or tabs.  Simply place objects in a Silver Guard zipper top bag and the job is done.  Tarnish protection for silver and noble metals.
Silver Protection compatible with other metals and ideal for circuit board corrosion protection
Ideal for electronic components including solder
Anti-Tarnish corrosion protection for relays, circuitry, switchgear, IC chips, transistors, leads and solder
Silver protection and stain free corrosion protection even in direct contact
Preservation for artifacts, museum displays, coins, art, antiques, heirlooms, trophies and jewelry
Reduce tarnish removal, cleaning and polishing with Silver Guard tarnish and corrosion protection
IN STOCK!  Distributed by Kpr Adcor Inc.  ‘We Stop Rust!’ TM  Toll free 1-866-577-2326 THE ORIGINAL!  Silver Guard Poly Bags and Silver Saver Paper!