VCI Powder -1

VCI Powder –1  Product Description

VCI Powder –1 is a special water-soluble formulation of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors that is supplied as a white crystalline powder. It is used to control corrosion of all ferrous metals and aluminum metals. VCI Powder –1 is applied using either a wet or dry application technique. This formulation is especially effective way of protecting ferrous and aluminum metals from corrosion due to adverse environmental conditions such as high heat and humidity, seawater or other harsh environments.

Corrosion Inhibiting Properties

 VCI Powder –1 is especially formulated to protect ferrous and aluminum metals from corrosion. It is applied as either a wet treatment (in solution) or dry treatment (blown powder or sprinkling). This material does not remedy any existing corrosion damage, but will slow and/or stop further corrosion.

• Water based Non-flammable, safe-handling characteristics. Low odor.
• Liquid and Vapor Phase Protection When used in hydrostatic testing the product provides protection in liquids and above liquid levels.
• Hydrostatic testing – Especially recommended to protect equipment and materials during and after hydrostatic testing.
• Protection of recessed and hard to reach areas. Complicated valves and the interior surfaces of piping and equipment, which are often difficult or impossible to reach, are protected with true Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor action.
• Ease of application - VCI Powder –1 can be applied by either blowing or sprinkling of powder  or flushing area with a solution. May be used as a Hydrotest solution.
• Water Soluble – 15% at Room temperature (72 0F – 220C)
• 2 year Protection – Protected surfaces should be inspected, whenever possible, after 1st 6 months period to insure protection. The product will protect metal surfaces for 24 months..
• Ease of Removal – The product can be easily removed by flushing with water or blowing with air.
• Biodegradable – The product is 100% biodegradable.
• Large Area Protection – The economical protection of large tanks, vessels or other manufacturing equipment is easily obtained. The product can be added to standing water.

 Corrosion Inhibitor Powder (VCI) Application Procedures

• Powder Application For average conditions the recommended dosage is 0.30 ounces (weight) per cubic foot (28 Liters) of enclosed space.( 300 g/cubic meter) Concentration can be increased to protect metals under more severe conditions. Powder is applied and then the treated area is closed or sealed.
• Solution Application For average conditions the recommended dosage as a solution is a 0.25% in water (based upon weight). This solution is recommended as a hydrostatic test fluid. Concentration can be increased to protect metals under more severe conditions. The treated area is then closed or sealed.

Typical properties  VCI Powder –1

Specific gravity: 1.26 @ 77oF
Appearance: White Crystalline Powder
Melting Point 3880F (1980C).
Shelf Life 24 months minimum
PH 6-7 (1% aqueous solution)
Shipping and Storage Containers.
VCI Powder –1 is available in a double lined box:
50 pounds (22.7 Kg)
The suggested shelf life of this product is two (2) years in its original container.
Suggested Storage Conditions.
VCI Powder –1 should be stored at temperatures above 32F (0C).

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