Silver Guard Tarnish Protective Plastic Zipper Bags

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Anti-Tarnish Corrosion Protective Reclosable Zipper Bags  2 Mil

Tarnish Protection Silver Guard Zipper bags provide corrosion protection to contents for up to 2 years.  'We Stop Rust!' TM Toll free 1-866-577-2326 or click below to order now

1,000 Silver Guard Tarnish Prevention

Zipper Bags per Carton      

Protects a contents for a minimum of two years

Extra strong side seals designed for multiple re-use

Easy open/close zipper feature

Protection from tarnish, moisture and dust

Silver Guard ™ Exclusive film that neutralizes the corrosive gases that attack silver, platinum, and gold Anti-Tarnish plastic bags ensure a tarnish-free product — even when the bag is opened multiple times  Simply pack and ship.  Translucent plastic bags allow for easy inspection of the contents.  FDA compliant.

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      Zipper Bags 4 Inch x 6 Inch 1000/carton, 2 Mil    US$167.25/carton
      Zipper Bags 6 Inch x 8 Inch 1000/carton, 2 Mil    US$239.65/carton
      Zipper Bags 9 Inch x 12 Inch 1000/carton, 2 Mil    US$425.21/carton

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